Amaze-maze earrings in satin-polished brass by Banshee The Valkyrie. Gorgeous statement earrings, these have sterling silver hooks.

Amaze Maze Earrings

Banshee the Valkyrie
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These statement earrings from Banshee the Valkyrie are from her popular Big Boss Bitch Earrings collection.

Crafted in solid brass, hand finished with sterling silver hooks. These have a satin finish and hang at 60mm total length. 

About the Artist:

Banshee the Valkyrie is the jewellery label of Whanganui based jeweller and all-round goddess Rani Stigsdottir. This collection of work is inspired by art deco design, but everybody sees something different in it which Rani is delighted to see. 

There's echoes of graffiti art, or Aztec symbols, with strong geometric patterns, some abstract and some more recognisable (lilke the Pohutukawa Blood Brother design). Whatever you see in them, there's no denying that these earrings are super hot, super fun and super sexy! 

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